Moroccan Bleu Moisture Boost

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 A delicate and calming face oil that soothes irritated or dry skin. This beautiful concentrate will envelope your skin and senses for a magical feeling of relief and tranquility.Formulated with soothing botanicals to calm sensitive, irritated skin while hydrating, moisturizing and delivering a youthful glow. This beauty balm is effective as a daily moisturizer for all skin types and soother for sensitive, inflamed and damaged skin.  It's a lightweight, cool concentrate that absorbs into the skin quickly, delivering immediate results.
Our superhero's in this formula are Blue Tansy + Blue Yarrow. They have the ability to emotionally and physically calm by reducing feelings of heat, redness, inflammation and anxiety.  Another super, Ximenia oil sourced from Namibia, nourishes by increasing moisture levels, improving skin elasticity and overall tone.

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